Team Mates

I’m doing this challenge with three other very epic people, whom I’d like to introduce. 🙂

There’s Savanna, our ‘Ringleader’. She’s the one that got us started on this thing. She loves Star Wars, photography and big fuzzy pandas!  Her main blog, Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, Oh My is focused on those three things! She’s done some super epic interviews with The Clones Wars team members and has some great character discussion posts; I happily got to contribute to the Luke Skywalker Discussion and the Han Solo Discussion. She also has a regular links post which I really enjoy! She’s been a great, professional blogger and a great follower as well. 🙂 She loves Han Solo and also takes sharp photos. 😛

Than there’s Jedi-Chick. She’s crazy fun because she’s so enthusiastic! She loves Star Wars and is a huge Luke and Mara Jade fan. She’s fun to fangirl with over our favorite movies and books! XD She has a great blog called To Thine Own Self Be True, in which she blogs Star Wars and fangirl life. She recently saw one of my most favorite movies ever, Captain America: The First Avenger and is now deep in Marvel Comics land of superheros! She’s very friendly and is fun to talk too! She does great blog posts and leaves very enthusiastic comments! I’m excited to see what pictures she gets during the next year!

And than there’s my sister, Kayla. Kayla is fifteen and she is my best friend. She’s quite the fangirl in her own way and she is exceptionally good with photography and filmming. She runs her blog Jedi Filmmaker, in which she posts about just about anything, but mostly film reviews, Star Wars posts and posts on film making. She LOVES Star Wars, especially Luke Skywalker, whom she is trying to collect all action figures of. She is also a big Captain America and Thor fan. It will be fun doing this challenge with her, even though we’ll both need to share the same camera! XD

And then there’s me, the Captain. XD I’d say more, but talking about one’s self isn’t cool, so I’ll let you get to know me as we go along! Lol

Considering we’ll be doing this challenge together for a whole year, I figured it nesscessary to at least let y’all know who we are.

All four of us are Christians and we love Jesus with all our hearts, and all four of us are die-hard Star Wars fans!

And we’re all taking pictures together!



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