February 29

Look how big she’s gotten in the window!!!!

She’s also gotten rather plump. *giggles*



February 28

It’s very cool today at about 50 degrees! I went and sat on the ground outside with the camera. Princess came over, climbed right up inside my skirt and curled up like she was going to stay there for a while. She stuck her head from under my leg and I got this shot. 😀


February 27

I love that pattern of Princess’s fur. I’ve noticed on even a single hair that it’s striped–like black than white, than black again. I think it’s pretty cool!


February 22

Princess likes to use the brooms to scratch her claws on. She’ll also use the the rough scraper that we wipe our shoes on.

One thing I like about this picture is that it details her stripes. 🙂


February 21st

Today, Nathan was playing with his remote control car; nearly ran Patience down with it and Princes had to watch that she wasn’t run over either. 🙂

She was a interested, but for her own health, had to watch out!

Patience: staring at the menace car. Princess, getting ready to give Patience a jab in the head with her paw! XD


February 19th and 20th

I took a picture yesterday, but it was so late that I didn’t have time to post it (no wonder; I watched the entire 217 minutes of Laurence of Arabia with Dad last night) and I took picture this morning; sadly, both got deleted off the camera! So I have neither to post. I will simply have to pick up tomorrow were I left off. 😦


February 18th

Today we went to the Country Buffet with the neighbor lady and we watched Courageous together. We were all crying so hard through the whole thing. It’s such a good movie. I remembered a little bit ago that I needed to get a shot of Princess. She was on that chair next to Mom’s nice flowers!