February 12

Princess looks almost angry in this picture and I don’t blame her. We were gone nearly all day: left at 1:00 PM for church. and didn’t back till a little while ago at about 8:30 PM.

(I know, that’s the afternoon, and we meet for church at that time because we rent a small church building and that congregation has to finish their service and leave before we can all meet, so that’s why our church is so late.

But I’m telling you, IT’S AWESOME! Sunday now feels like a day of rest, because we can actually sleep in, take our time getting dressed, eating breakfast and lunch and just relaxing before we finally have to grab our things to head for the car. IT’S AWESOME! So much better than, “get up super early, we need to have our showers all done before we choke down breakfast and make up our crockpot, OMG, everybody it’s 9:00 we got to be going *cause the last church was normally an hour away* and RUN RUN RUN, GET IN THE CAR! Yeah. Once we got to church, it was great. But…. that’s not the best way to start your morning, lemme tell you.)

Anyway. Long ramble about our Sunday mornings. Sorry. Anyway, after church we all went over to a family’s home and all us kids played Capture the Flag in the golf course. It was super epic. And I got to be on Dylan’s team! YES! Yay for my buddy Dylan! *cheers* So we had epic fun.

Outside of Jay getting a black eye, it went really well.

Yeah. We’re nice church kids! No, I’m just kidding, it was actually an accident, but there was a lot of joking about how us church kids always end up being rather violent….

I’m SO rambling right now, and that’s because I’m super tired. So I’m going to stop here. *rest of battery runs out*




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