March 21 and 22

21st was busy—my Uncle Dan came in from California and we had dinner with him and Grandpa and Grandma. Than after dinner he taught us how to play Scrabble and that was fun. He’s a REALLY funny guy, he’s easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. He had us laughing all night—he almost like a teenager, come to think of it, but in a grown up way! LOL Anyway, I didn’t get a shot of Princess, in fact it was very late when I was sitting at my desk and thought, “Oh my gosh, I have to take a picture.” So, I picked up the camera, aimed and shot the my desk and the wall behind it. 🙂 With my two favorite pictures pinned up there. XD

Today I got a shot of our other cat Patience as I was filling up the food container. She walked by and looked at me like, “Do you duty well, slave.” LOL. Oh, and tonight, Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa all went to the theater with me to see War Horse. It was VERY GOOD. I highly recommend it. Besides all the horses, Tom Hiddelston was the best part, even if he only had a smaller part. XD



March 18 through 20th (Milestone Date)

I need to get better at putting my pictures up more consistantly. Anyway, I have a lot to post today. 🙂

18th’s picture isn’t even of Princess, actually. I had gotten some music from the library that I was listening too—Iron Man 2 *yes* and Video Game music *yay*


Here’s my favorite track from the Video Game one. I’ve been listening to it non stop. In fact, I was listening to it while I was taking today’s pictures. XD

I didn’t get a shot on the 19th as we were super busy—homework, than the afternoon with the neighbor dogs and than Grandpa and Grandma arrived we all ate dinner together and they left late…

Today is a milestone. Princess walked the fence. *cue A Whole New World*

In a sense, I was nervous because I’m her mamma so of course I’m going to be a little nervous. But at the same time, I was excited to see her little face as she looked into the neighbor’s yards from the fence top. And it was nice taking pictures from a straight position for once.

Here she is in neighbor property atop some sort of little roof thing they had made for plants to grow on top. She explored some of the foliage that had grown on top before coming back.

I kept telling myself, “Let her fly on her own; she’s a big girl now, don’t hold her back.” She actually didn’t drop down the side into a different yard, which I was glad. In fact, she’s spent to the rest of the day curled up under the backdoor. 🙂

So, today was big for me and Princess.  “My baby’s all grown up and saving China!” Not really, but that speaks my sentiments.


March 17

Princess was all snuggled by the door again. I tried to get a shot with her head in a cute position but she looked at me and yawned when I stepped out the door.

And tonight we saw Terminator.

I need a German Shepherd, a large machine gun and a body guard to feel safe in bed tonight. Terminators. Creepiest things ever. But it was still a really awesome movie…


March 12, 13, 14

Except I missed the tweleth. 😦

On thirteenth, I got one of our tortoiese out of their cage for Princess to meet. She’s been all over their cage sticking her paw in trying to reach the lettuce. *shakes head* She sniffed this one all over and than tried to flip it over with her paw!!!!

And today Kayla pointed at the window during lunch and said, “look at Princess’s paw!” So I took a shot of it. 😀 She likes to sleep by the windows a lot.


March 11th

LOOK HOW HUGE SHE’S GOTTEN!!! I was standing at the door this afternoon and realized just how large she’s become! She used to look so small on the mat.

*sighes* At least she still likes to cuddle with me.


March 10

I poured food into her bowl this evening and promptly started eating off the ground. *rolls eyes* :-\  Anyway, I like how this picture came out a lot! Especially that I got it without having to get on the cold cement! Lol!


March 9th

It is cold out tonight with sharp wind, so Princess didn’t come out for pictures at all. I saw the camera’s shadow on the wall, though, and thought it looked neat… so there it is! LOL


March 8th

Princess got quite a bit of love today from The Boys when they came over for the afternoon. They couldn’t get over how much she purred, so both parties enjoyed each other. That’s Dylan holding her there.

And here she is with Daryck, who has a surprisingly normal expression on his face this time! LOL

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully share some fun shots we got today in our gear! 🙂


March 6th and 7th

Except, my picture from yesterday got deleted off the camera. 😦 So I can’t show it (duh).

But here is today’s picture. I took a picture of one of our chickens today because Princess wouldn’t come out from her hiding spot and it was cold. So, anyway. This picture is especially for Jedi-Chick, because she loves chickens. 🙂