Days119 and 120

Sickness knocked me out for two whole days and I lacked complete energy, which is a sign that I am sick because I’m normally doing lots of things and talking and buzzing around and cracking jokes… when I’m sick, I have enough energy to sit up in a chair and looking just a little more intelligent than a zombie. Sunday I was feeling better but was still coughing so Mom and I stayed home from church. I got this shot of Princess that evening because everyone thought she looked so cute layingon the  wagon.

I love all of Nathan’s SW lego shirts. They’re all so super cute! 😀



Day 116

Rained lightly today, making the air fresh afterwards, so I went outside to get some shots. Princess and Patience both came out from their hiding spots, a little damp but okay. I saw Solo hanging around early today on the fence. I’m feeling slightly miserable today as I’m having allergies/stuffed nose problem.

As I’ve gone on short photo shoots with Kayla, I’ve learned  my new favorite part about photography is the processing afterwards. I’m looking forward to revealing several edited pictures I got of Kayla on my main blog shortly! I enjoyed doing it with the few shots I got today. I also love striving for the sharp, close up shots. (If you couldn’t tell by every single picture in this post!)


Princess has a boyfriend *gasp* and a few announcements

Big news first! Princess has gone into heat for the first time, and she’s already got the attention of a big tom cat.  I got up this morning (first one up) went down stairs to the kitchen, looked out the window, and what do I see? A big honkin’ black and white cat lay two feet away from my kitty, who is rolling about in the dirt.

My first thought is, “That’s not our cat!” Second thought was, “Holy smoke, that’s a tom cat!” Third thought was, “Princess, you’re being a big flirt!” Between then and breakfast, I saw them ‘doing the do’ three times. In public. Not my first time seeing that though. Last time I saw cats ‘doing the do’ was about five years ago and we were all eating sandwiches for lunch and were watching from the window. ANYWAY, we’re all excited as we’re pretty positive Princess will get pregnant! If she does, we’ll be expecting kittens within June! AHHHH! I’M SO HAPPY!

Also, we named the tom (who keeps running away when we come outside). Since Princess is really Princess Leia, Kayla and I decided it was fitting to name him Han Solo–Solo for short.  Ha. Ha. The two have been hanging out together all day. He kinda chases her about the yard and she is quite the flirt. She took time out to cuddle on my shoulder and I asked her all about the new boyfriend, whom she really likes.

I’m rather jealous though. My baby cat who isn’t even a year old already has a guy. It’s… just so not fair. 😛

Okay, now that I’m done ranting about my crazy day, I have one announcement.

I know I’ve missed a lot of days but I do intend to keep going with this! I’m not a quiter. However, I’m going to start photography more than Princess, for two reasons. One, she hides more and I don’t see her that much during the day. And two because it’s getting too freaking hot outside to stay out long to take pictures. So, I’ll be photographing more things than Princess for a while now. You’ll probably see the blog title change to fit. 😀

Anyway, that’s it for now! MTFBWY!


Pics from last week

Here are some pictures from this week. Forgive my forgetfulness on this as we’ve been busy getting ready for tomorrow. I’m super excited to take pictures on our trip though! 😀

Okay, I didn’t take this shot, but I just had to share it because I bought that Arc Reactor at Target! Is that the coolest thing ever? It’s heavy on Nathan’s shirt though, but it’s still super neat. Kayla put it on and she exclaimed, “I feel so POWERFUL!” and than when Nathan put it on he exclaimed, “I feel so COOL!” HAHA

Princess has already caught one rabbit (it was dead under our trailer) but this morning I looked out the window and there she was in the middle of the yard with another baby rabbit trying to get it to play with her. She was jumping around it, bumping it with her paw and trying to chase it. When I ran out she and the baby went all over the yard and then up against the wall. I grabbed Princess and put her in her cage and than I grabbed the camera. I got this shot of the rabbit before Patience took her turn with it. I’m hoping to God that it got away and is somewhere safe.

And than, I’m putting the tarp pack over our grill and there’s a blinkin’ SCORPION right there! I nearly grabbed it!

First thing I did was jump backwards and shout ‘holy crap’ considering I had nearly touched it. Than I ran inside for the spray. It moved around and started walking across the top of the grill. Than I ran back inside for the camera. I put the setting on ‘close up’ and I actually got some nice shots. But geez, that was a close call.

I’m actually really proud of this shot! It looks fantas-great!

I’m off now to back my suitcase and laptop bag. I’ll get some pictures to show y’all later!


Day 93

Princess has managed to catch and successfully kill a lizard. But she wants it to keep playing with her, even though it’s very dead and stiff. She was playing with it today while I fed and watered the chickens. She kept tossing about with her front paws and than chasing it like it was still alive.

Here it is. It’s quite dead, but I’m not sure if Princess realizes this or not. She looks very funny when she plays with it, especially if you can’t tell what she has. The first thought I had when I saw her leaping around the tree, jumping in the air and nearly doing somersaults was, “My cat is on crack!” 😉 Oh boy…


Quick Catch Up

I have today’s picture and a quick overview of the week:

Monday: Uhhh, tried to get some things done since Grandparents couldn’t come over that night.

Tuesday: Date night, we watched Singing in the Rain, which is one of the most wonderful musicals ever. It never fails to make me want to learn tap.

Wednesday: We ate out with Grandparents and than watched Super 8 with them.

Thursday: Went to a fun, western town for the evening and dinner! Rode the stage coach, the train, got to go in the petting zoo and we saw a gun-show. We got the gunslingers autographs on a poster and a young cowboy tipped his hat at me and called me Lady Star Wars (I was wearing a SW shirt, and it was quite funny).

Friday: Went shopping for the day with Grandparents, ate out for lunch, had fish dinner and played Uno.

Saturday: Lazy day of youtube videos and than played Cops and Robbers at The Boys’ house for the first time. It was also the first time we played Boys VS Girls. We ruled, even though they wouldn’t admit it. I felt like Vader/Anakin through the whole thing while being a bad guy because at the end, I turned ‘to the light side’, betraying ‘Scarlett Blood’ and aiding the two sheriffs. The game was very unique and different  but so very fun at the same time. Oh, and Kayla and I, though total bad guys, got an attorney. The Boys’ own mother came to our defense. It was awesome. Dylan was like, “Mom! They are the bad guys!” And Daryck was all, “THEY’RE SLIME BAGS!” and their mother was like, “How can these beautiful faces do anything wrong!? I’m their lawyer! And I have to get them dessert! Prisoners need to eat! They have rights! Do not speak without your attorney, girls!” It… was awesome. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

Sunday: Breakfast with grandparents, church in the afternoon and than dinner with church family. I got to hold a baby (for the first time in four months!) We played “I Have” together for probably an hour solid. Oh, and I got into a push and shove match with Daryck, but that’s because he’s like my younger brother now, so I don’t feel bad shoving him. And he doesn’t mind being annoying, but I’m used to it. He makes me laugh.

Today/Monday: Grandparents have left. And we have nine days to before WE LEAVE ON A ROAD TRIP! Yep, I’m announcing it early on this blog, because I promise, I will try my hardest to get plenty of pictures on our week trip! More details on my other blog later in the week! 😀 Anyway, today I finished my short bio for the character Scarlett Blood and I got a picture of Princess! WHOOHOO! XD