Pics from last week

Here are some pictures from this week. Forgive my forgetfulness on this as we’ve been busy getting ready for tomorrow. I’m super excited to take pictures on our trip though! 😀

Okay, I didn’t take this shot, but I just had to share it because I bought that Arc Reactor at Target! Is that the coolest thing ever? It’s heavy on Nathan’s shirt though, but it’s still super neat. Kayla put it on and she exclaimed, “I feel so POWERFUL!” and than when Nathan put it on he exclaimed, “I feel so COOL!” HAHA

Princess has already caught one rabbit (it was dead under our trailer) but this morning I looked out the window and there she was in the middle of the yard with another baby rabbit trying to get it to play with her. She was jumping around it, bumping it with her paw and trying to chase it. When I ran out she and the baby went all over the yard and then up against the wall. I grabbed Princess and put her in her cage and than I grabbed the camera. I got this shot of the rabbit before Patience took her turn with it. I’m hoping to God that it got away and is somewhere safe.

And than, I’m putting the tarp pack over our grill and there’s a blinkin’ SCORPION right there! I nearly grabbed it!

First thing I did was jump backwards and shout ‘holy crap’ considering I had nearly touched it. Than I ran inside for the spray. It moved around and started walking across the top of the grill. Than I ran back inside for the camera. I put the setting on ‘close up’ and I actually got some nice shots. But geez, that was a close call.

I’m actually really proud of this shot! It looks fantas-great!

I’m off now to back my suitcase and laptop bag. I’ll get some pictures to show y’all later!



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