Princess has a boyfriend *gasp* and a few announcements

Big news first! Princess has gone into heat for the first time, and she’s already got the attention of a big tom cat.  I got up this morning (first one up) went down stairs to the kitchen, looked out the window, and what do I see? A big honkin’ black and white cat lay two feet away from my kitty, who is rolling about in the dirt.

My first thought is, “That’s not our cat!” Second thought was, “Holy smoke, that’s a tom cat!” Third thought was, “Princess, you’re being a big flirt!” Between then and breakfast, I saw them ‘doing the do’ three times. In public. Not my first time seeing that though. Last time I saw cats ‘doing the do’ was about five years ago and we were all eating sandwiches for lunch and were watching from the window. ANYWAY, we’re all excited as we’re pretty positive Princess will get pregnant! If she does, we’ll be expecting kittens within June! AHHHH! I’M SO HAPPY!

Also, we named the tom (who keeps running away when we come outside). Since Princess is really Princess Leia, Kayla and I decided it was fitting to name him Han Solo–Solo for short.  Ha. Ha. The two have been hanging out together all day. He kinda chases her about the yard and she is quite the flirt. She took time out to cuddle on my shoulder and I asked her all about the new boyfriend, whom she really likes.

I’m rather jealous though. My baby cat who isn’t even a year old already has a guy. It’s… just so not fair. 😛

Okay, now that I’m done ranting about my crazy day, I have one announcement.

I know I’ve missed a lot of days but I do intend to keep going with this! I’m not a quiter. However, I’m going to start photography more than Princess, for two reasons. One, she hides more and I don’t see her that much during the day. And two because it’s getting too freaking hot outside to stay out long to take pictures. So, I’ll be photographing more things than Princess for a while now. You’ll probably see the blog title change to fit. 😀

Anyway, that’s it for now! MTFBWY!



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