Day 125

Day 5: How You Support Your Local Chivalry.

Okay, so this picture kinda has to lead in a trail to connect with today’s theme; but it’s really quite simple. I’ve been reading a ton of Sherlock Holmes stories recently and all with my buddy Dylan, who, if you didn’t know yet, is a young man from our new church whom I’ve found to have a lot in common with. I got him into Sherlock Holmes quite on accident and we’ve been reading through the stories together. And that’s how I get the chivalry part.

I’ve not met more chivalrous men than Dylan and his dad and younger brother. We’ve had a lot of young men open doors for us but they’re the only young men who will also step to the side to let us walk through doors even if they didn’t happen to open them. Dylan and Daryck are very casual gentlemen but they stand out greatly in that they are genuine about it. I, personally, am used to being one of the last through doors or in the back of groups simply because I like to stay out of peoples way. So, it was a slight adjustment to suddenly be rushing through doors first instead of last. I’ve learned quickly to let them be gentlemen and now I expect it. And honestly, they’ve quite spoiled us. πŸ˜€ Thanks, guys.



One response

  1. I also do that for a lady when I get the chance, and I’m serious. πŸ˜‰ I guess I have never really thought that I would be considered a “gentlemen” for it.


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