About Me

I’m Jamie; you probably know me from Through Two Blue Eyes, my main blog.

This blog is my photography challenge blog; I’m taking one picture every day for a year. And my main focus is going to be on documenting the growth and life of my Christmas kitten, Princess Leia, or Princess for short.

I’m not doing this alone. My sister Kayla, and two blogging buddies, Jedi-Chick and Savanna are doing it too (Savanna basically got us all to do it! Lol)

Here are their photography blog links:

Kayla’s: Jedi Photographer

Jedi-Chick’s: Fallon’s Photos

Savanna’s: 365 Photography of Savanna

A little about me? (this is copied from my main blog)

I am a seventeen year old girl striving to remain joyful through the hardest of times. I’m a homemaker-in-training, a writer of mysteries and family adventures, a daughter and sister to my dear family, and a young Christian wanting to be different from the world and serve Christ in all I do. I enjoy cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, and latch hook. I also enjoy tomahawk throwing, archery, sling-shooting, and being trigger happy (yes, I enjoy shooting guns!) I love walking the neighbor dogs. I love the library. I love books and film scores. My favorite day of the week is SUNDAY!

I’m a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy and will be forever. I’m also Captain America’s BIGGEST fangirl. I am obsessed with really enjoy anything with Star Wars, Marvel superheroes, detective movies and tv shows.

In the world of my mind, I am a crime fighting detective, a sharp shooting cowgirl from John Wayne’s wild west, a Rebel leader, and a Jedi Knight.

Love and hugs to my followers,



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