Feb 2nd

Today is cloudy and cool, so Princess has been hiding out in snug spots. She was behind the chicken coop earlier (of course, I didn’t get a picture of that!) and she’s been in her box. I laid across the cold the cement to get this shot of her face sticking out!



Feb 1st

Princess loves to sleep beside the backdoor, near the brooms. She often tries to sharpen her claws on the brooms too. Oh, and our matt says, “Wipe your paws”. LOL

Happy February, everyone! Keep up with the good work, girls!


Last of January!

My last picture for January is this ridiculous shot of her ear. I do like the detail of her hairs, though, and how my skirt colors pop, too! 😀

WOW, so the first of twelve months are over!!! EEEE! This year will be epic with all these photos!

February, here we come!


Day 24

It’s late— I need to take pictures during the day time……

Anyway, she was eating and I was trying out some more ground level shots… Also, check out her new blue bowl! It’s really pretty and it looks so much nicer than an old cool whip container. Now our patio doesn’t look junky! Lol


Ready to Pounce

I was going to choose some other picture, but this one just won out and I had to post it. I was trying to get a shot of her from more here eye level, but the camera captured more of the ground from her. But I did capture her getting ready to pounce on the dangling, swinging lens cap just below the lens itself.  Of course, I stood up when she jumped at me, so she really just tackled my shoe. Let me tell you . . . she has sharp claws.


Day 22

I was going to get this cute shot of her sitting in the kitty food bucket on top of all the colorful pieces of cat food… but no.

She was absolutely horrified to be even in the bucket and this is my only reasonable okay shot I got before she scrambled out.


After the failed photo shoot, I got Princess and Patience some fresh food. You can see in this picture that Princess’s ears are turned backwards, meaning she was nervous about being near Patience. She was right to be. Moments after I took this shot, Patience thumped Princess on the head several times in her way of saying, “I eat first, kiddo. Move over.”

I think Patience is jealous! Lol!